Waynesboro (Va.) Seventh-day Adventist Church

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2020-02-15 The Christian's Walk Bruce Galbraith Play
2020-01-11 Abba Father Bruce Galbraith Play
2020-01-04 The Embodiment of Foolish Wisdom Pastor Denny Play
2019-12-14 The Sign of Silence Pastor Denny Play
2019-12-07 Rebounding, Redounding, Resounding Love Pastor Denny Play
2019-11-16 Worst to First Pastor Denny Play
2019-09-14 The Redeeming Residue of Regrets Pastor Denny Play
2019-09-07 Termite Teachers: Illustrating the Art of Self-Organization Pastor Denny Play
2019-08-10 Remember Not Pastor Dan Vis Play
2019-07-20 Does Jesus Weep Through Us? Pastor Dave Play
2019-04-06 When Anywhere - Do as Jesus Does Pastor Denny Play
2019-03-16 The Holy Spirit in the OT, NT and the End of Time Bruce Play
2019-03-09 Anatomy of a Mission Trip Pastor Denny Play
2019-03-02 God is Good Pastor Rick Play
2019-02-23 A Sanctified Imagination Pastor Denny Play
2019-02-09 A Rhapsody of Broken-Hearted Love Songs Pastor Denny Play
2019-02-02 Something to Prove Wirmin Alcantara Play
2019-01-12 The Gospel in Street View Pastor Denny Play
2019-01-05 Engaged in God's New Bill Miller Play
2018-12-08 Almost Paradise Pastor Denny Play
2018-11-10 He Calls Us Friends Caleb Robinson Play
2018-11-03 The One and Done Savior Pastor Denny Play
2018-10-27 Waiting Well Pastor Denny Play
2018-09-22 Better Done Than Said Pastor Denny Play
2018-09-01 Do We Really Want Jesus to Come Back Bruce Galbraith Play
2018-08-25 God Doesn't Need a Hearing Aid Pastor Denny Play
2018-08-11 Objects of Desire Pastor Denny Play
2018-07-28 A Boy's Guide to Slaying Giants Pastor Denny Play
2018-07-14 Tactics of Spiritual Warfare Alex Niculaescu Play
2018-07-14 Identity and Spiritual Warfare Alex Niculaescu Play
2018-07-14 The Great Controversy and Spiritual Warfare Alex Niculaescu Play
2018-07-07 Empty Handed Heroes John Pitton Play
2018-06-16 Prayer - God's Shop for Soul Repair Pastor Denny Play
2018-05-12 Heavenly Disposition Hannah Ware & Victoria Spano Play
2018-05-05 The Blue Fountain Bruce Galbraith Play
2018-04-28 Community with a Purpose Pastor Denny Play
2018-03-31 Nobody's Fool Pastor Denny Play
2018-03-24 Taking Risks Laura Beldin Play
2018-03-17 An Expression of Love Pastor Wirmin Play
2018-03-10 Escaping the Escapade Pastor Denny Play
2018-03-03 Who Taught You That? Fred Warfield Play
2018-02-17 Endurance for Waiting Pastor Denny Play
2018-02-03 GB4G John Ward Play
2018-01-27 Worship and Revelation Pastor Dave Vandevere Play
2018-01-20 Take the Call Pastor Denny Play
2018-01-13 Designer Living Pastor Denny Play
2017-12-16 Angel Voices Bruce Galbraith Play
2017-12-09 My All Tony Reyes Play
2017-12-02 The Motion of Love Pastor Denny Play
2017-11-18 The Three Sabbaths Bruce Galbraith Play
2017-10-21 Don't Just Stand There, Do Nothing Pastor Denny Play
2017-10-07 Have You Been to the Well Lately? Mike Frost Play
2017-09-30 An Obituary of Your Own Making Pastor Denny Play
2017-09-16 SNOE - Said No One Ever Pastor Denny Play
2017-09-09 Choose Your Clues Pastor Denny Play
2017-09-02 Visible Thinking Pastor Denny Play
2017-08-26 Modern Day Jonahs Bruce Galbraith Play
2017-08-19 The Fallacy of Invisible Faith Pastor Denny Play
2017-08-12 The Man in the Mirror Pastor Denny Play
2017-08-05 Toilet Talk and a Sweet-Smelling Aroma Pastor Denny Play
2017-07-22 When a Cold Reception is a Good Thing Pastor Denny Play
2017-07-15 A Makeover Like No Other Pastor Denny Play
2017-07-08 The Trip of a Lifetime Pastor Denny Play
2017-06-17 How the Jesus Story is Heard Pastor Denny Play
2017-06-03 The Honorable Spartan Pastor Denny Play
2017-05-20 Do You Have Soul Wellness? Dr. Grant Leitma Play
2017-05-13 Youth Sabbath Ben and Micah Play
2017-05-06 Is Anyone Really Listening Dave Anderson Play
2017-04-29 Peter Prepares to Preach Pastor Denny Play
2017-04-22 Our Big Fat ZERO pt. 2 Pastor Denny Play
2017-04-01 Our Big Fat ZERO Pastor Denny Play
2017-03-18 Don't Take the Bait Pastor Denny Play
2017-03-11 Living at the Crossroads Pastor Denny Play
2017-03-04 Maintaining Our Peace Julius Jones Play
2017-02-18 Holy Sandpaper Laura Beldin Play
2017-02-11 When the Lights Come On Pastor Denny Play
2017-01-21 Excelling at SLU Pastor Denny Play
2017-01-07 How Will You Spend It? Pastor Denny Play
2016-11-12 Make Jesus Great Again Pastor Denny Play
2016-10-29 Hospitable Hosts part 1 Pastor Denny Play
2016-10-22 Three Words to be Happy Pastor Josant Play
2016-09-17 Clarity in Crisis Pastor Denny Play
2016-09-10 Be Not Deceived! Mike Frost Play
2016-08-27 Evening Concert Karla Rivera Play
2016-08-27 What's in Your Wallet Pastor Denny Play
2016-07-30 Persistence in Prayer Dave Anderson Play
2016-07-23 The Message Fred Warfield Play
2016-05-28 We Interrupt this Program Bruce Galbraith Play
2016-05-21 Let the Fire Fall Pastor Denny Play
2016-04-30 The Love Buzz Pastor Denny Play
2016-04-16 Spirit Surveillance Services Pastor Denny Play
2016-04-09 Patriarchs and Profits pt 5 Pastor Denny Play
2016-04-02 Bread That Is To Die For Pastor Denny Play
2016-03-19 What Can God Do For Us? Bob Wine Play
2016-03-26 The Keys. Do You Have Them? Mike Frost Play
2016-03-12 A Name Above Every Name Dave Anderson Play
2016-02-27 Patriarchs and Profits pt 4 Pastor Denny Play
2016-02-20 Patriarchs and Profits pt 3 Pastor Denny Play
2016-02-13 A Pill or a Prayer Pastor Denny Play
2016-02-06 Don't Make it Difficult Pastor Dave VandeVere Play
2016-01-30 Patriarchs and Profits pt 2 Pastor Denny Play
2016-01-16 Patriarchs and Profits pt 1 Pastor Denny Play
2016-01-12 How Will We Wait? Pastor David VandeVere Play
2015-12-05 The Prophet that Stole Christmas Pastor Denny Play
2015-11-28 Unconstrained Gratitude Pastor Denny Play
2015-11-21 Dog or Cat Theology Cheryl Rada Play
2015-11-14 It's Almost Over Butch Coggin Play
2015-11-07 My Bad Pastor Denny Play
2015-10-31 Time Change Pastor Denny Play
2015-10-17 Help UnWanted Pastor Denny Play
2015-10-10 There is a Time for Everything Laura Beldin Play
2015-10-03 Bubbly Brook Blessings Pastor Denny Play
2015-09-26 Germ-X: Soul Sanitizer Anyone? Pastor Denny Play
2015-09-21 One Size Fits All Pastor Denny Play
2015-09-12 Save The Church Calvin Johnson Play
2015-09-05 Pastor Denny Sept 5 Pastor Denny Play
2015-08-29 When God Calls Us Out Pastor Denny Play
2015-08-22 The All Important Question Ron Woolsey Play
2015-08-07 Against All Odds Pastor Denny Play
2015-07-31 The Silent Prayer Dave Anderson Play
2015-07-24 The Wisdom of Issachar Bruce Galbraith Play
2015-07-10 Jesus The Early Christian Foodini Pastor Denny Play
2015-06-05 Truth In The Trees Pastor Denny Play
2015-05-29 Peace in an Ostrich Pillow Pastor Denny Play
2015-05-22 A Soldiers Heart Revealed Pastor Denny Play
2015-05-15 GPS Ethics Pastor Denny Play
2015-05-08 Mother Mary's Missing Messiah Pastor Denny Play
2015-05-01 Arise and Sit Pastor Denny Play
2015-03-20 Strategery for Ministry Denny Grady Play
2015-02-27 Are You a Spare Rib Pastor Denny Grady Play
2015-02-06 Lessons From the Fool and the Wise Keith Hallam Play
2015-01-30 Decision Fatigue Pastor Denny Grady Play
2015-01-23 Ten Thousand Talents Pastor Daniel Xisto Play
2015-01-16 High IQ Not Required Pastor Denny Grady Play
2015-01-09 Rules of the Road Pastor Denny Grady Play
2015-01-02 Curing A Deadly Virus Pastor Denny Grady Play
2014-12-26 Do They See Jesus In Me Pastor Rick Labate Play
2014-12-12 An Advent Of Gratitude Pastor Denny Grady Play
2014-12-05 Straight Away Pastor Denny Grady Play
2014-11-28 Spiritual Attention Deficit Disorder Bill Miller Play
2014-11-21 It Ought To Be Joyful Pastor Denny Grady Play
2014-11-14 The Hidden Influencer Pastor Denny Grady Play
2014-11-07 A Wall Against The Water Pastor Grady Play
2014-10-27 Rightfully Mine Pastor Denny Grady Play
2014-10-17 What's in Your Heart Pastor Kosly Joseph Play
2014-10-10 Dont Vex the Vegans Pastor Denny Grady Play
2014-10-03 The Year 2114 Pastor Denny Grady Play
2014-09-26 Gods Cure for Spirittual Amnesia Pastor Denny Grady Play
2014-09-19 At the Feet of Jesus Bruce Galbraith Play
2014-09-12 Peace in the Midst of the Storm Dan Jensen Play
2014-09-05 The Christian Word Problem Pastor Grady Play
2014-08-29 The Friendship Factor John Cress Play
2014-08-22 The Incognito God Pastor Grady Play
2014-08-01 One Voice Cindy King Play
2014-07-25 YOLO Pastor Denny Play
2014-07-11 Paul Takes a Selfie Pastor Denny Grady Play
2014-07-04 You Had Better Take This Lying Down Pastor Denny Grady Play
2014-06-13 Image of the Son Keith Hallam Play
2014-05-23 Getting Clear About Salvation John Cress Play
2014-05-16 And Your Point Is Bill Miller Play
2014-05-09 The Christian Mother Dave Anderson Play
2014-05-02 He Loves Me John Pitton Play
2014-04-19 The Issue of Usurping Peter Cassias Play
2014-04-18 Revelation Peter Cassias Play
2014-03-21 Waves of Grace John Cress Play
2014-03-14 Jesus is Praying For You Dave Anderson Play
2014-03-07 Taste and See Denny Grady Play
2014-02-28 Lessons of Faith Keith Hallam Play
2014-02-21 In God We Trust Dave Anderson Play
2014-03-23 2_15_2014 Keith Hallam Play
2014-01-31 Forgiving Reality Pastor Will Johns Play
2014-01-24 Freedom to Love Pastor Will Johns Play
2014-01-17 Your Top Priority Pastor Will Play
2013-12-13 Thankful for Jesus Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-12-06 Life of Praise pt.4 Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-12-04 Hospice Christmas Concert Play
2013-11-22 The Power of Praise Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-11-15 Life of Praise pt.2 Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-10-25 Heaven Cindy King Play
2013-10-18 We Have This Hope pt.3 Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-10-11 We Have This Hope pt.2 Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-10-04 We Have This Hope pt.1 Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-09-27 Blessed are the Forgiven Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-09-20 Heavenly Ovation John Pitton Play
2013-09-13 David - A Life of Failure and Faith part 6 Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-09-06 The Freedom in Forgivness Grant Wolters Play
2013-08-30 David - A Life of Failure and Faith part 5 Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-08-23 David - A Life of Failure and Faith part 4: His Greatest Moment Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-08-16 David - A Life of Failure and Faith part 3 Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-08-09 David - A Life of Failure and Faith part 2 Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-08-02 David - A Life of Failure and Faith Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-07-26 Got Faith? Cindy King Play
2013-07-19 Compassionate Commission Grant Wolters Play
2013-07-12 Relationship-based Obedience Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-07-05 Peculiar People and Sabbath Walter Reinoehl Play
2013-06-28 The Spokes of a Wheel Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-06-14 Mission to Philippines Kaylin King Play
2013-06-07 Just One Thing Rick Labate Play
2013-05-31 Thriving in the Vine Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-05-10 Tale of Two Lepers Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-05-03 The Message Keith Hallam Play
2013-04-26 Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-04-19 The Backup Plan Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-04-12 The Message Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-04-05 Holy Harlot John Pitton Play
2013-03-15 Salvation in the Present Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-03-08 God's Protection CF Richards Students Play
2013-03-01 Grace From Beginning To End Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-02-22 Straight Talk Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-02-15 Isaiah, Ethnoarchaeology, and Emmanuel Charity Pitton Play
2013-02-08 Respectable Sins: Gossip & Slander Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-02-01 The Gift of Freedom Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-01-25 When Ugly Meets Grace Bill Miller Play
2013-01-18 Living in Readiness Keith Hallam Play
2013-01-11 The Life You've Always Wanted Pastor Will Johns Play
2013-01-04 You Are Here Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-12-28 Another New Year Coming Dave Anderson Play
2012-12-14 A Savior is Born Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-12-07 Living Within Limits Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-11-30 Where Your Treasure Is Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-11-23 The Pilgrim's Grateful Journey Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-10-26 The Welcome Mat Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-10-19 The Final Destination Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-10-12 No Reserves, No Retreats, No Regrets Pastor Dan Darrikhuma Play
2012-10-05 How Soon is Soon? Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-09-28 Weakness of Strength Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-09-21 Cheating Death Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-09-14 Sabbath All Week Long Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-09-07 The Right Attitude Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-08-31 Joy of Worship Grant Wolters Play
2012-08-17 Fix Your Eyes on Jesus Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-08-10 The Value of Children Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-08-03 Brazil Mission Report Play
2012-07-27 Should We Have a Sense of Urgency Mark Martin Play
2012-07-20 The Lost Coin Dave Anderson Play
2012-07-13 The Joy Filled Life - Dealing with Anxiety Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-07-06 All Your Needs Pastor Will Play
2012-06-15 Graditude & Grace Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-06-08 Pathfinders Pastor John Pitton Play
2012-06-01 Once Was Blind Keith Hallam Play
2012-05-11 Finishing the Race Well Elder John Cress Play
2012-05-18 Chosen Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-05-04 The Joy Filled Life: The Attitude of Jesus Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-04-27 The Great Anticipation Grant Wolters Play
2012-04-20 The Joy-Filled Life: Embracing Uncertainty Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-04-13 Joy Filled Life Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-03-30 Connected Through Confession Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-03-23 The 4 C's of What I Believe Pastor Bryant Smith Play
2012-03-16 Christian's Burden: FB#10 The Experience of Salvation Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-03-09 The Triumph of Jesus Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-03-02 Amazon Ministry Kaylin King Play
2012-02-24 The Greatest Disciple Pastor Sharon Cress Play
2012-02-17 The Nature of Man Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-02-03 The Cost of Freedom Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-01-20 Are We Waiting to Wait Pastor John Pitton Play
2012-01-13 The Divine Network Pastor Will Johns Play
2012-01-06 A Fresh Start Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-12-23 A Tale of Two Babies Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-12-09 Looking Back to Look Forward Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-12-02 Jesus' Scandalous Family Tree Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-11-25 Thanksgiving Elder Denny Grady Play
2011-11-11 The Hospital With No Patients Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-11-04 Keep On Keepn' On Keith Hallam Play
2011-10-28 The Hour of Need Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-10-21 Trends of Our Times, The Final Sign Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-10-14 The Unknown Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-10-04 Let It Go Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-09-29 The Rise of Postmodernism Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-09-22 Technology & Faith Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-09-15 A Gift to Give Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-09-07 Creation Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-08-29 Sermon Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-08-29 Sermon Pastor Mike Tucker Play
2011-08-07 The Trinity Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-08-07 Crossroads Grant Wolters Play
2011-08-05 Do Not Be Afraid Keith Hallem Play
2011-07-15 The Pearl Parable Dave Anderson Play
2011-07-08 Fundamental Belief #1- Understanding the Bible Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-07-01 The Cost of Freedom Dave Weigley Play
2011-06-10 So Close and yet so far Pastor Bryant Smith Play
2011-06-03 Pathfinder Sabbath Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-05-27 Life Changing Prayer: A Message to the Disappointed Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-05-13 Trends of Our Times Are You Ready Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-04-15 Unity in the Spirit Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-04-08 Sabbath Healing Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-04-03 Brazil Mission Report Brazil Mission Report Play
2011-03-25 Dave Anderson Jesus LIving for You Dave Anderson Play
2011-03-18 Keeping in step with the spirit the gift of work Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-03-11 The Valley of Dry Bones Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-03-04 The Call Outward - Jonah Part 2 Pastor Will John Play
2011-02-25 Pastor John Pitton Pastor John Pitton Play
2011-02-18 Deep Down Transformation - Jonah pt 1 Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-02-11 A Teachable Spirit Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-02-04 But Now I See Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-01-28 Will Forgiven in order to forgive Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-01-21 Seeing People Pastor Will Johns Play
2011-01-14 Gods Grace Grant Walters Play
2011-01-07 Sermon Pastor Will Johns Play
2010-12-31 A fresh start Pastor Will Johns Play
2010-12-24 Christmas Keith Hallam Play
2010-12-17 Good_News_of_Great_Joy.mp3 Pastor_Will_Johns Play
2010-12-10 Joy Pastor Will Johns Play
2010-12-12 An Adventist View of the First Advent Pastor Will Johns Play
2010-11-29 Guaranteed Promises Grant Wolters Play
2010-11-25 Put Down Your Cell Phone and Be Thankful Pastor Will Johns Play
2010-11-03 It's All About Power Pastor Denny Grady Play
2010-10-16 Two for One - Making Your Marriage Stronger Pastor Will Johns Play
2010-10-07 A Personal Journey Keith Hallam Play
2010-09-26 Recognizing God's Voice Pastor Will Johns Play
2010-09-03 A Life Changing Question Pastor Will Johns Play
2010-07-27 Wholly Balanced Grant Wolters Play
2010-07-13 The Faded Book Walter Reinoehl Play
2010-05-24 Saying No to Say Yes Pastor Will Johns Play
2010-05-14 From the Perspective of Heaven Pastor Will Johns Play
2010-04-30 It's All Gonna Be Alright Elder Kevin Sullivan Play
2010-04-27 Holiness Pastor Will Johns Play
2010-04-16 Jesus Our Lord Pastor Will Johns Play
2010-04-09 Jesus Our Savior Pastor Will Johns Play
2010-03-29 Learning From Adventist History Pastor Will Johns Play
2010-03-15 A Time For Silence Elder Dave Anderson Play
2010-03-05 Learning to Live Pastor Will Johns Play
2010-02-27 The Cost of Freedom-Staying Free Pastor Will Johns Play
2010-02-14 The Cost of Freedom-Flesh Pastor Will Johns Play
2010-01-24 The Cost of Freedom - Legalism Pastor Will Johns Play
2010-01-19 Opportunity Elder Kevin Sullivan Play
2009-12-30 Another Year is About to Open Elder Dave Anderson Play
2009-12-11 Living the Love of Jesus in 2009 Pastor Will Johns Play
2009-12-06 Living to Give Pastor Will Johns Play
2009-11-28 Christ Confronts Demons Pastor Jerry Johns Play
2009-11-22 Thanks'living Pastor Will Johns Play
2009-11-14 Let Go, & Let God Pastor Bryant Smith Play
2009-11-03 Something to Shout About Sam Bagley Play
2009-10-29 A Beautiful Thing Pastor Will Johns Play
2009-10-19 Unity in the Church, What Does It Look Like Pastor Will Johns Play
2009-10-03 The Church-An Autobiography Pastor Will Johns Play
2009-09-28 Rest Pastor Will Johns Play
2009-09-18 Health Pastor Will Johns Play
2009-09-15 Hope Pastor Will Johns Play
2009-08-30 Praying For Wisdom Pastor Will Johns Play
2009-08-08 The Power of Prayer Pastor Will Johns Play
2009-08-04 An Indestructible Life Pastor Will Johns Play
2009-07-24 Successful Failures Pastor Will Johns Play
2009-07-17 There Will Never Be Another Calvary Elder Dave Anderson Play
2009-07-03 The Shot Heard Around the World Walter Reinoehl Play
2009-06-12 The Elijah Message Bruce Galbraith Play
2009-06-11 Healthy Self-Centeredness Part 2 Pastor Will Johns Play
2009-05-24 Living Without Worry Pastor Will Johns Play
2009-05-08 The Greatest Miracle of Life Jorge Ramirez Play
2009-05-07 When The King Comes Pastor Will Johns Play
2009-04-17 Humor As A Healer Elder Dave Anderson Play
2009-03-13 How to Survive a Depression without Getting Depressed Pastor Will Johns Play
2009-03-06 Salt-The Essential Mineral Elder Kevin Sullivan Play
2009-02-27 No One Owes Me Pastor Will Johns Play
2009-02-20 Jaime Jorge Concert with Guest Christian Ivins Jaime Jorge Play
2009-02-13 What We Need Will Johns Play
2009-01-30 Motives Pastor Will Johns Play
2009-01-23 A Question that Changed the Course of a Life Elder Bill Miller Play
2007-11-09 $ Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-11-16 About My Father's Business Pastor Glen Altermatt Play
2007-11-23 Thankful Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-10-19 Will You Marry Me? Pastor Rick Greve Play
2007-10-26 The Lion Tamer Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-11-02 Clean Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-09-28 Youth Sabbath, Praise You in This Storm, and No Limit Kaylin King and Leslie Rada Play
2007-10-05 Deep Sea Diving Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-10-12 Waving the White Flag Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-09-14 Enough Dirt For My Mules Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-09-21 The Mantle is Passed Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-08-24 A House Divided Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-08-31 How Do We Forgive? Elder David Anderson Play
2007-09-07 The Man of Fire Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-08-03 David's Testimony Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-08-10 Bending Bows of Bronze Kevin Sullivan Play
2007-08-17 Chasing After the Wind Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-07-20 Finishing the Gospel Commission Bruce Galbraith Play
2007-07-27 The King Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-02-16 Starting Over Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-02-23 The Silent Partner Elder David Anderson Play
2007-07-13 God's Leader Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-06-29 The Prophet's Mother Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-07-06 The Best Judge Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-01-19 The Story of Us Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-06-08 The Wise Man and the Rock Pastor Eugene Kitney Play
2007-06-01 A Bad Haircut Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-06-15 A Law Unto Themselves Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-05-04 The Ten Suggestions? Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-05-18 Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-04-20 Daily Bread Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-04-27 The Promised Land Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-02-02 The Beginning Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-03-30 Moses on a Mission Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-04-06 The Moment of Truth Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-02-09 The Fall Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-03-09 The Dreaming Deceiver Pastor Will Johns Play
2007-03-23 The Hidden Root Mike Frost Play
2007-03-16 A Prince's Robe Pastor Will Johns Play